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April 29, 2011


Freedom of Conscience

Incidentally, I've posted several Google cache excerpts on my website to preserve the historical record.

Freedom of Conscience

I invite the reader to reflect on the nature of the Haifan Baha'i denomination. After the US Federal Courts ruled against it THREE TIMES, Wilmette Baha'is took over and destroyed the Topix Forum that Bahais of several other denominations had used for over three years to discuss the lawsuit against them.

This type of fanatical tactic is exactly what Haifan Baha'is have done for many decades, as extensively documented on my Baha'i Censorship website and elsewhere on the Internet.

Comments posted to Topix Chicago Tribune Forum

Larry Rowe

A person needs to trace these fanatical religious beliefs and practices back to their source; that is if they truly want understand where the Baha'i Faith actually comes from. The Baha'i Faith of all sects.

When Azal, Baha'u'llah's brother, rightly chose to honor the Bab's decision to nominate him as the inheritor of his Covenant he was doing this as a member of the Bayani Religion. Baha'u'llah actually honored the Bab's nomination of his brother Azal at first, that is until he started to have designs of his own. Designs which led him to break from the Bayani Religion and to create his own cult.

Why he felt so threatened by his former religionists and then chose to incite his followers into a hatred so great that they murdering several of his former religionists is curious.

To my mind this shows the true man that Mirza Husayn Ali Baha was. A man who was capable of inciting his followers to several murders and who then later went on to vilify some of those same members of the Bayani Faith who were so murdered by his Baha'i followers. What kind of person does such a thing? Make up your own mind.


Larry Rowe


This is a victory for justice and human rights. It also highlights the unjust nature of the NSA of USA and the so-called UHJ in Haifa.

Wahid Azal

Dear Ross,

The fact is Baha' was run out of Baghdad by senior Babis because his first attempt to usurp his brother's authority backfired. The fact of the matter also is - of which the letters exist - whereby Baha' asked to return to Baghdad from the Kurdish mountains. Also, contrary to your revisionist Bahai histories, everything was fine around Subh-i-Azal while Baha' was away.

The wackopedia Bahai committee attacked myself and members of the Bayani community for asking for balanced, less propagandistic, less bombastic and more historically critical articles on the Bab, Subh-i-Azal and the Bayani community long before they did it to Stetson and his UU Bahai enterprise.

The Haifan Bahais are a Scientology like cult. Period!


Fubar, I do not blame you for feeling the way you do, but I would prefer if you did not lump us in with the BWF. Our belief in the Guardianship does not mean we share the BWF's zeal for mind-control, shunning, and other cult-like behavior. Just to be a member of the OBF, you must have an independence of mind and spirit that does not tolerate that nonsense.


As you probably know, the Unitarian Bahai Association (Eric Stetson) was attacked by (wilmette/haifa) HBF members for attempting to create a wikipedia article on unitarian bahaism. HBF convinced Wiki admins to delete the UBA wiki page on flimsy technicalities that are rarely applied to many other wiki pages.

HBF is a fanatical cult.

UBA's materials, some obtained from living descendents of bahaulah, and other material seems to suggest that the whole pathetic business of the "covenant" is basically a big family squabble gone horribly wrong. abdul-baha claimed to have powers of a "manifestation" before 1,000 years had gone by, and thus may have bypassed proper inheritence rules by giving the guardianship to shoghi rabbani-effendi.

I do not believe in the God of these pathetic, sick family squabblers.

all the covenant arguments of all the cults make a travesty, sham and mockery of good religion.


Michael, the actions of the BWF were outrageous and cult-like. But I must disagree with Larry that we can blame this on Baha'u'llah. I think the blame rests with the fanatics who engage in this behavior. I do not see the other Baha'i groups acting in this outrageous manner.

Michael Zargarov

Imagine this: One "declares" himself a Baha'i while in high school. He is active in the local community, then goes away to university where he redoubles his efforts to teach "the faith" by hosting firesides, and manning an information table at the university...for 7 years.
After graduation, said individual "pioneers" to Mexico...where he teaches hundreds of seekers, and helps to establish new assemblies.
In the course of the next 15 years, this believer sacrifices all he owns and cherishes to "raise the standard". He is renowned as a teacher...and travels to more than 50 countries as "travel Teacher" and pioneer. He "opens" an area of Northwestern Russia, the size of Germany and France put together, to the faith.
He pays his "huququllah".
He sings in the choir at the "world congress", in 1992. Only then, does he begin to wonder at certain improprieties and secretive decisions which are made in committee and have affected his life for years.
He is admonished to "desist" from making further inquirey into allegations.
He is barred from attending community events.
He is stripped of "voting rights", because he dares question authority.
He resigns from "the faith", to pursue, "independent investigation of Truth", as was taught by the faith's founder.
He embraces what he considers to be the TRUEST form of his faith...only to be informed that the "NSA", and "House of Just Us" has declared him a covenant breaker.
As a result, the hundreds of people he taught and brought into this faith are ordered to shun him.
He is now, persona-non-grata around the world. His years of sacrifice and painstaking travel teaching are erased. ("Let the name Moses be erased from all public buildings." Pharoh Ramses in The Ten Commandments)

Is this not, then, a Cult?

Ross Campbell

Hello Larry,

Bahá'u'lláh permitted Subi Azal to travel with the Holy Family and he even went to the mountains of Kurdistan for two years, allowing him to attempt to run the whole show by himself.
It is actually a religious view of the BWF leadership that it is acceptable to persecute, prosecute and oppress other Bahá'í groups into oblivion. Should those other Bahá'í groups tolerate that religious view also and acquiesce when assaulteed by that view?



Larry Rowe

"How could it possibly be that tolerance for others' religious views cannot be attained by a group of people who call themselves Bahá'í?"

Good point Jeffrey. The sad thing is that Baha'u'llah himself didn't tolerate the religious views of his own brother Azal. This is where this Baha'i lack of religious tolerance has it's origin. The Baha'i Covenant continues to be used a bludgeon to threaten and to coerce. To continue the: "If you aren't with us you're against us", mentality that Baha'ists of all sects are firmly stuck in. Sad.


Larry Rowe

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