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September 27, 2010


Ellis Hanawalt

I have not but the highest of praise for the Guardian and all the Hands of the OBF for their service and spiritual insight.

Ian RoeBuck

Beautiful and profound is the only way I can describe how well put together this meditation on the healing prayer is. Well done indeed!

David Maxwell

There is apparently a vibration, a frequency, for every bit of matter in this life (and no doubt in the life to come.) Could it be that the essence of this vibration stems from the love of God for His creation? This vibration, or feeling we get when we smell a flower, come to tears when we see a beautiful sunset, or share in a feeling of harmony with another human being, is hopefully the beginning of the realtionship with God that He seeks from us. This quality may abound in the next life, but God wishes for us to partake of this bounty in this life. When we as humans learn to begin allowing ourselves to find this quality on earth will be when the Kingdom will indeed manifest on earth?

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