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March 23, 2009



I am curious to know why spend your time speaking negatively about other Bahai's? The mere fact that all of the orthodox websites has something to say about other believers tells a non-Bahai that Bahais do not practice what they teach. Why do you create such discourse? I thought the whole point to this faith is to Love and to Know God and to create one humanity and one religion. Sounds like you are not on the same page. Where are the fruits you claim to bear? I am looking at a fruitless tree. I am so disappointed because the orthodox Bahai faith sounds like the bible thumping Christians. How are people supposed to be attracted to the faith if you are displaying this type of attitude and sending that type of message. If you feel as though the Orthodox Bahai faith is the true Baha'i religion, why don't you lead by example. The words that you choose to express yourself leads me to believe that you are simply a man and Not a "guardian". Passing judgment on other Bahai's? Are you serious? Where is the love in your message?

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